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deskœnigs web design

it's amazing what one can do with basic html & css skills only. constructing websites, and making them work on all devices and screen-sizes leads to a whole new universe of opportunities...

lisa rickli hebamme

this site for midwife lisa rickli hebamme was designed by efentwells leo matkovic. he asked my to do the the coding, so i did. i also managed to implement an open-source cms, so lisa is able to manage the sites content herself...

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this site was built for experimental post metal band posthumanbigbang. they had an album release ahead, so i focussed on getting visitors as fast as possible to any common platform to find, stream and buy the album. i tried to relate the site on the album cover designed by blackyards philipp thöni...

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bowling center marzili

the website-makeover for bowling center marzili was actually my very first project in web coding. i learned a lot in building this site from scratch into a real working information and reservation tool...

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